We offer our customers the opportunity to customize their wines. In addition to choosing an image and format, customers can also select the grape variety, the wood grade, and type of production and ageing they would like.

This way, customers are given the possibility of creating a product to fit their own needs, either adjusting them as regards costs or else following product image and quality criteria.

We are currently growing Tempranillo, Granache, and Graciano grapes. In our wines, we work with various options and mixtures. We use two kinds of cask: American oak and French oak.

We want to create customized wine for our customers. From the harvesting to the bottling and labelling, customers decide and take part in the winemaking process. 

There is also the possibility of creating a brand or using one already existing to work exclusively with a customer or market.

We are currently making these customized wines for customers in several countries, including England, China, Germany and Spain. 


Customized wines