Bodegas Mateos has many plots of land in the municipalities of Aldeanueva de Ebro, Alfaro, Autol and Rincón de Soto, which amount to approximately 100 hectares in vineyards. The main estates are El Salobral, El Bosquil and El Coscojar due to their influence on the final wines.

We also own the Los Quemaos estate, which is unique as White Tempranillo grapes are grown there.

El Salobrar Estate

El Salobrar Estate

It’s the most prominent estate of all the Bodegas d. Mateos, …

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El Coscojar Estate

El Coscojar Estate

A 6 hectare estate dedicated to growing the Graciano grape variety, …

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El Bosquil Estate

El Bosquil Estate

An 8 hectare estate where Red Grenache grape 

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Los Quemaos Estate

Los Quemaos Estate

Three fields where White Tempranillo grapes are grown,  …

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